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The Ligurian cuisine, such as Liguria torn from the slopes of the terraces, is the representation of “work of genius” of a people. The herbs, the maggiorna, mediterranean fish, thyme, crustaceans and molluscs, the basil, nuts, pastry, olive oil, focaccia, artichokes, curd, beans, meat, garlic, stockfish, mushrooms, all ingredients are expertly prepared dishes in a unique flavor, light and balanced.
Ligurian cuisine is one that satisfies vegetarians alike, and traces its roots to a stubborn and intelligent exploitation of all land and sea that offer, but that also opens to the influences of Mediterranean cuisine coming back togheter our sailors returning from their long voyages.

Our dishes

These are some of the dishes that
will surprise you in our restaurant.
In addition to respecting the choice of foods
in season mwe always focus on
select products in the territory.

  • Pasta with Genoese Pesto
  • "Anchovy Bagnun"
  • Stuffed mussels and lettuce
  • Squid “in Zimino”
  • Focaccia made with potatoes or cheese
  • Meat with olives and pine nuts, rice cakes and vegetables
  • Pansoti with walnut sauce
  • Are some of the dishes that will surprise you in our restaurant